Combination Skin

Curatorial Project


A group exhibition at the Annex at Little Berlin, curated by Liz Barr, featuring work by Polly Alexander, Gina Lerman, Ann Moody, Aleia Murawski, Heather Raquel Phillips, Emily Slater, Alex Wallbaum + Aleia Murawski, Sky Yoo, and Crystal Zapata

Combination Skin is a group show about building the body. The body is a sculpture, continually being constructed and deconstructed. Whether through hygiene rituals, anxious habits, or beauty regimens, the body is modified and manipulated daily. It is carved away, built up, filed, twisted, bent, and bound.

The works in this show examine the means and motivations of manipulating the body, spanning a tonal range from visceral to uncanny to playful. Through photography, video, and sculpture, the artists in Combination Skin make connections between beauty, body horror, dysmorphia, fetish, and compulsion.