Risographed, perfect-bound zine


Published by GenderFail Press
Launched at Ulises on March 31, 2019, with readings by Liz Barr, Meg Pendoley, and Blanche Brown

Available online, and at Ooga Booga, Printed Matter, Inc., Hauser & Wirth, Bluestockings, Bureau of General Services - Queer Division, Build Coffee, Quimby's, Red Emma's, and Ulises

Quimby's says: "Liz Barr's second publication with GenderFail, Conditioner, looks at how the skincare and wellness industries have grown to inhabit the role of more dated beauty expectations--how dewy skin and perfect-but-effortless no-makeup makeup a la Glossier still play the same part in controlling and subjugating women. but Barr comes to a more complex conclusion--though these industries are just that, industries, built on a constructed and reinforced image of impossible beauty (synonymous with femininity) women can still find worth in the ritual, gentleness, sensuality of skin-and self-care."